About Us

Shenyang Dean Technology Co., Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of police security equipments. Our professional R&D team, well-trained staff and advanced facilities allow us to provide you with the well-qualified products, such as body worn camera, radar speed camera and breath alcohol analyzer.


A strong technical team with many years of research and development of police equipment, can offer OEM service.
Strict and efficient service processes in marketing and after-sales departments

  • ​1. Power on and power off Power on: Press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds, the screen lights up to indicate power on. Shutdown: In any case after power on, press and hold the power butt

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  • The first type: handheld radar speedometer It is mainly used for fixed-point measurement. In general, when the traffic police use the radar speedometer to measure the overspeed of the road segment...

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